Top quality cast iron
for more natural cooking.

Cast iron is an excellent material for absorbing heat. It also releases heat slowly and distributes it in a perfectly even way. This makes it ideal for cooking foods like meat, fish and vegetables in a short time and with very little fat. Cast iron is therefore the perfect partner for natural, healthy cooking in line with modern eating preferences.

The top quality cast iron produced by Fonderia Finco is made using a combination of traditional casting methods and the latest, innovative technology. Fonderia Finco specialises in the production of castings for the food sector and boasts consolidated experience in the manufacture of quality Italian products.

The high level of expertise accumulated over the years allows Fonderia Finco to produce cooking equipment of professional excellence and exclusive design for the very best kitchens. Fonderia Finco products also guarantee unrivalled performance and total reliability. Safety is ensured by the careful selection of raw materials and by continuous innovation and optimisation of production processes with a view to prioritising health and the environment. Fonderia Finco products are certified to the strictest standards in the food sector.